Seems that just about everything today is either addicting or causes breast cancer. The world does not have to be this complicated, stop cashing in on the latest, retarded, health trends. Truth is contagious.


your website makes me want to get rid of all the meat i have in my freezer

as such, i will now have a HUGE cookout, with steaks, ribs, chicken, and burgers, and hopefully the smell of good food will drift over to your sorry asses.

grow a brain, animals are food

PETA=people eating tasty animals


There is no possible addiction reaction to eating meat. Addiction has very specific characteristics; you've obviously just invented a smarmy, unscientific catch-phrase as part of your anti-meat propaganda.

Those of us who support efforts to wean America from 'cheap and easy' meat products with harmful additives and more fat content than necessary (e.g. fast food) and also the actually good idea of reducing the amount of meat we eat are alienated from such ideas by the moralizing, extremist messages of vegetarian (and especially vegan) polemicists.

There is no evidence whatsoever that such a diet, including small amounts of high-quality, responsibly-produced meat, is harmful to health or the environment in any way.

People like you (and I include Islamic terrorists in this group) are morally unevolved; they don't realize that "my beliefs tell me to do this" is fine; it's only when it becomes "my beliefs tell me YOU should do as I do" that you become obnoxious to the community at large.

I especially enjoy the moral condescension of vegetarians sitting around giving each other recommendations for herbal remedies due to the dangers of 'Western medicine' WHILE SMOKING CIGARETTES. Oh yeah. You're a model of health.

I have had many meals ruined by vegetarian harping. Vegetarians insist that we have something for them when they come over, otherwise we're not respecting their dietary choices. But NEVER has a vegetarian had a little something for the rest of us when we come over. What happened to respecting our choices? I guess it doesn't apply due to our presumptive moral turpitude, an attitude promoted by your website.

One day some vegan asshole is going to get in my face with this sort of ill-thought-out diatribe, and I'm going to start eating vegetarian on the spot. Not vegetables, mind you. I'm going to eat the actual vegetarian.


Your site made me hungry!!

I love eating chicken and fucking stupid vegan, I hope PETA burns..


What a great site! Ironically, I was eating veal parmesan when I surfed in- big mistake! Whew! Had no idea those poor little fellas get raised in cages like that. Jeez. Normally, I eat meat 7 days a week, but after visiting your site and getting an education about the horror of meat, well, I'm going to forego the biological neccessity of consuming "flesh" (cute buzzword, gotta remember that one!) and switchto some yummy soy instead.

I especially like your implication that pigs are sentient beings, as asserted in one of your featured banner ads. That is so clever! I just had pork the other day, too- ribs, actually- and I honestly never equated consuming pork with eating a three-year old. Sorta gross when you think of it like that, huh?

I also loved the clever logos you had- "Taco Hell", "Murder King", "Jerk in the Box"...that's daring, and not at all infantile. On the contrary, I admire your ability to take inane, schoolyard insults and turn them against the corporations like that. You're an innovator, and you're definetely an impetus for me to kick this silly meat-consumption binge I've been on for decades now.

Well, gotta wrap this up, but please do keep up the good work. Your assertions that a vegan lifestyle is somehow more valid than a meat-consuming one are certainly compelling. Once I finish the steaks and chicken in the freezer, I am DONE! Thank you, Tyler! You are the MAN!


Dont you know anything ? What happened to my friend Stan when he stoppped eating meat? He began to get sores (actually small vaginas) all over his body. If he did not recieve meat he would have turned into a big pussy. So we must eat meat so that we do not become big hippie pussies.


Hi! I'm a VERY happy meat junkie who lost 70 pounds on the Atkins diet. My cholesterol is now down and my doctor says my blood work report is good enough to frame! Now that Iím eating meat more than ever on my high-protein diet and cutting out all those nasty carbs Iím healthier, have more energy, and am enjoying life more than ever!

Have you considered adding a page with other success stories from other meat junkies like myself?